Glowforge announces their premium service price

It will cost you $50.00 a month to get more out of your Glowforge than just basic tools and mediocre cloud computing. If you are an owner and commit now, it is only $15 a month. Makes LB look like the best bargain out there!

$50 seems like way too much. Perhaps if you’re a business making decent money with one it might be reasonable if there’s enough features added in the future, and it might be nice getting to use their extra fast cloud processing speeds. But for hobbyists… no way, I just don’t see many signing up for that.

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I originally read that as a $5 cost per month and then got confused when I saw the $14.99 per month

Wowsers that’s a lot of money to pay every month on top of the few thousand already paid for the equipment.

Edit - Still want to buy a Glowforge though :wink:


Not if you read about all the problems, terrible customer service and cost of ownership! :angry: :wink:

Some people are happier with one, including (I happen to be aware) some active folks on this forum. Don’t want them to be afraid to say so for fear of running smack dab into some forum-dominant paradigm. Should be socially safe here to design your own, run an inexpensive K40, or buy into the apple-like glowforge walled garden. :slight_smile:

Glowforge wouldn’t be, and isn’t, my choice, but it’s OK to have a different value calculus.


Not trying to bully anyone, just stating the obvious. Due to the closed nature of the software and no serviceable parts in the unit, most users would never venture here for advice other than what else they should consider when replacing their Glowforge.