GlowFly - A WiFi connected, programmable music reactive light system

Hey all!

A few weeks ago I released the first version of my current project. GlowFly is a WiFi connected, programmable music reactive light system. It supports custom MOD cartridges (EEPROMs) which contain small and customizable scripts. These scripts are able to influence the light patterns produced by GlowFly.

Furthermore the base station creates a naive mesh including a websocket and is able to connect to a existing network. GlowFly Nodes are able to connect to the created mesh and will spawn an additional access point and websocket for other nodes to connect to. This way nodes not in range of the base station are also able to join the mesh as long as at least one node is in range. The nodes are able to receive commands created by the base station.

Everything combined, it is possible to span a mesh of WiFi connected devices which are synchronously reacting to music.

Following a small video if it in action:

Since the first version I had many additional ideas how to use GlowFly. At the moment I am in the process of creating the ability to interface different “sources” for the frequency analyzer. I created a C++ API with C# bindings to write a desktop application which is able to register itself to the base station. If the user inserts a MOD which sets the source to “Desktop” (a special method in the GlowFly scripting language), the desktop application will analyze the desktop sound and sends the results to the base station. The base station will then distribute the received results to the connected nodes.

This repository includes all the MOD scripts used in the above video:

Furthermore I have the idea to interface a 16x16 LED matrix as a node for the GlowFly system. I just ordered two to work something out :slight_smile:

The whole code, STLs, Fusion 360 files and more is available here:

I hope you like it!


Gerrit, that’s a pretty cool setup with the cartridges. I welcome you to come share it with the FastLED reddit group.