Giving up on MKS DLC V2

I previously have blamed Candle for my MKS DLC 2 glitching (typically just stopping) and hadn’t seen that with UGS. Today it stopped while surfacing from UGS, so I made sure to have a good reference in case that happened while cutting out parts. After it made some clean cuts in a nice expensive piece of Baltic birch, it went tearing off at an uncommanded diagonal and wrecked the whole thing.

I’m pulling this controller and trying something else.


Is that the older AT328 based DLC, or the newer ESP32 based version?

The old Atmega version, V2.0. Not the DLC32.

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Now I’m suspicious of my V.2. One minute it was following my input and then it completely stopped homing and continues to go into alarm

I’m going to borrow / move an MKS SBASE v1.3 to this machine. I’m sure it will take a couple tries to get the config just right. But I’ll see whether it’s more reliable.

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I don’t want to declare victory too fast, but… so far so good. I never got homing to work on the DLC v2.0 but got the right config on the sbase with a few tries. I also have a screen to provide DRO output now. It is probably too early to declare success, but I first air-cut about half the work before trusting it and starting to cut actual wood. I’m cutting the damaged part so that I might just accept some “beauty marks” which I can hopefully just fill with plastic wood and hide in the back of the end product, if it otherwise succeeds. And if it fails, it will be in an already-compromised part…


The spindle just stopped when I was almost all the way through. But since it’s not actually connected to the control board, I can’t blame the control board. I was most of the depth through the last cut when that happened, so now I get to decide how to finish the piece. Lots of chisel work? :thinking:

I have an oddity with UGS; it seems that the only way to connect reliably is to first connect as GRBL, then disconnect, then connect as Smoothieware.

Also UGS doesn’t seem to be able to cancel during a job. At least, I haven’t found a way to do that in the UI. So I might go back to Candle and try that, now that I can reasonably assume that the problems I had before were due to the board not to Candle.

I might also then want a bigger screen, because the laptop I’m using doesn’t have the resolution that either Candle or UGS expect.

These projects never end. :relaxed:

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For milling I always prefer grbl over smoothieware, because with grbl you can pause the job in the middle of a line, even when running from SD card, then check your workpiece an resume when everything is ok. At least when using controller software that supports the grbl real time commends (like LaserWeb or Estlcam).

Zero success when I tried Candle.

I’m ok with M112 / Control-X if the sender can deal with it. The version of UGS I have installed doesn’t seem to do so, but it’s old. I’m going to start with updates to smoothieware and UGS and see how things look. I know it’s not a supported board for smoothieware but I’m not really doing much on it either, compared to running (say) a printer. No network, no complicated modules. So I don’t think the underpowered CPU on the SBASE is a major problem. But I could try grblHAL and/or grbl-LPC I guess if that doesn’t work.

In the short term, I’m trying to finish a project my wife asked for before I go down the rabbit hole tinkering. :relaxed:

Even that weird dance quit working after a while.

I gave up on UGS (which, after an update to Fedora 35, doesn’t even display things right, even when using X instead of Wayland) and moved to Grbl-LPC on this board, which was actually my original purpose when I bought it. Other than Grbl-LPC not homing Z on $H it’s working for me, and I’m back to finishing re-surfacing my spoilboard before running my next job.

So you are using Grbl-LPC in replace of the firmware but UGS is the GCode sender. Does Grbl-LPC also have a wireless browser interface like Grbl-ESP32 does?

No. I have been using USB in every case; MKS DLC, SBASE with Smoothieware, and SBASE with Grbl-LPC. No wireless, no intent to use wireless.

Oh it sounds like you had problems with UGS( the USB sender app ) and gave up on it then went on to say what firmware you were going to use. In my head those two planes fly different paths so I didn’t get how they were connected. I’m pleased to hear you are putting the MKS Sbase v1.3 in the CNC because then it’s just some SPI wires and a rPi away from being run LinuxCNC/Remora. :slight_smile:

Ah, I see I was confusing. Let me try again.

I gave up on UGS entirely for a variety of reasons (e.g. the grbl-then-smoothieware setting dance quit working entirely, display bugs after upgrading the OS to a newer stack) first on smoothieware, and went back to Candle.

Additionally, I also quit trying to run Smoothieware on an unsupported card and went to Grbl-LPC which was what I bought the card for anyway. I did try UGS with the Grbl-LPC but it had display bugs, and the virtual DRO didn’t work, and since it wasn’t updating the screen sanely I gave up on trying to get it to work. There is functionality I am missing in Candle that I got used to in UGS, but Candle has been more solid.

LinuxCNC/Remora is certainly not impossible. I have run out of Raspbery Pi systems, and I’d like to at least get this project done for my wife, who has been waiting for it for over a year, before I go down another rabbit hole.


Have you thought of using Fusion 360.
Import the job and send it to through manufacturing process… Not easy to configure but there are a lot of machine styles in their database…

I’m not clear what problem that would address.

And last I knew it didn’t run on Linux. (I didn’t even re-install it on the windows machine when the SSD died and I had to install a new one.)

Have you used bCNC on any equipment. I just downloaded it for a Raspberry pi, But I think I’ll use it for an Arduino Shield first or my MKS 2.0 board. It’s available on Github

No, I haven’t, and I probably should.