Giving away : RAMBo Controller + GLCD + LCD Adapter Hi everyone,

Giving away : RAMBo Controller + GLCD + LCD Adapter

Hi everyone,

I’m the owner of and I’d like to offer a free RAMBo controller ( + a Full Graphics LCD ( and an extra LCD adapter ( to the first person here who is interested and who lives in Tecumseh /Michigan or willing to go there to grab it (about an hour drive from Detroit).

The story behind this ‘giveaway’ is simple: We’ve had an order from a customer living in Tecumseh, Michigan, and unfortunately, he made a mistake in his shipping address (he set the wrong country and while we fixed the destination country before shipping to him, the address was still missing the zip code).

He contacted us a couple of days ago about not receiving his shipment yet, and the tracking number on USPS website showed the package jumping around the country for 3 weeks without reaching the destination. After contacting USPS, they said the package might be lost and it could take a couple of weeks before they could track and find the lost package, so I decided to ship him again his order with Express Shipping so he could get the items he ordered as quickly as possible, instead of waiting for USPS to find it… and as luck would have it, the very same day – just a couple of hours after we shipped him the items again – the package suddenly showed up at his doorstep!

So now, he’s receiving a second set of a RAMBo controller, another Full Graphics LCD and an extra RAMBo LCD adapter for free. Since he doesn’t need these second sets of items, I thought it would be best to donate them instead to a local reprap enthusiast.

So, if you are living near Tecumseh/Michigan and/or willing to go pick up the items, let me know and I’ll put you in contact with our customer. He should be receiving the new shipment in a couple of days probably, and you may have to pay for any duties paid to customs (should be 2.5% of the value of the marchandise).

The total value of these items is USD $ 197.93. You can see our store (links above) for a more detailed description of each item. Note that the RAMBo controller comes with all accessories, including an LCD adapter, so if someone doesn’t need two LCD adapters, someone else could claim it.

P.S: If you are disappointed that the giveaway is only limited to that city, don’t worry, this is a special situation, but I do plan to be doing ‘real’ giveaways soon where everyone would be eligible.

Thank you!
Youness Alaoui
RepRap Electro

I’ll give you $100 for it if he doesn’t mind shipping it to California.

Hi Branden,

Someone else asked for the board one hour before you, but you might still be able to get the GLCD if you’re interested. Contact me at and we can work out the details.

@Evan_Nguyen Sorry, you were too late, it’s already been divided between Branden and someone else on reddit.

If you’re willing to pay 100$ for the RAMBo, you may as well grab it directly from where it’s 120$ and includes free international shipping (Air mail, so would take about 8 or 9 days to reach you).
If you wanted 100$ for the RAMBo + GLCD, then that would be a bit harder to achieve. Keep an eye out for a giveaway that I’ll be doing next week though, maybe you’ll be the lucky winner.
@Branden_Coates Thanks, I replied and put you in contact with the customer! :slight_smile: