Gift for my wife

Made a custom pattern for my wife to celebrate her new career as a twitch artist. Somehow she has joined a bunch of DJ’s around the world and paints while they do their DJ thing. Incredibly proud of her and her talent at painting.

And carved in Mahogany 11" x 10" x .75". Semi-gloss lacquer finish.


Nicely done! :grinning:

VEry nice can you tell us something about how you carved it, by hand, cnc?

Thank you for the kind words.

I wish I had the skill to hand carve like that but definitely cnc. 1 hr 20 min for the carve using 1/16 bit.

It was a brand new bit so what you see is directly from the machine. Zero sanding or clean up required. That doesn’t happen often.

3d model made with blender3d and exported as height map for cnc carve. The model was too deep z
depth-wise to use an STL format.


Very nice!