Getting used to the settings in LW.

Getting used to the settings in LW. The first of many tests of settings to find what works.

Using my board from @raykholo ​ and so far things look good.

Now I have to do that. Can you send me the files for that car?

I grabbed the image from here:

Cropped it down and fed it to Laserweb. Still playing with settings as I think I can do better. Next I want to change my laser diameter from 0.5 down to 0.3 to clean up some of the scan line effect and then try some different min/max and light/dark settings to see what happens.

The 150dpi was just so I could shrink it down to a smaller size for testing. Native it would have been 72 out of Photoshop where I cropped it

There are also some artifacts at the front of the car that I don’t know where they came from as they are not in the original image.

@Carl_Fisher The artefacts are more than likely extremely light coloured pixels in the image or alternatively could be jpeg compression artefacts. When I export my images for LW from Photoshop, I always make sure to use the highest possible value for the compression (12) to minimise artefacts.

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y I had considered that. When I saved it I only had it on 8 which is the lowest of the high quality. I’ll try the same thing on 12 and see if it makes a difference. Otherwise I’ll try a different file format.

Here is a vector trace of a different picture. Ran this one at 20% power, 66mm/sec