Getting there ...

(Arthur Wolf) #1

Getting there …

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(Douglas Pearless) #2

Looking Good , can’t wait to try one :slight_smile:

(maker lossendiere) #3

Just a question, i don’t see pin to connect external drivers, it’s possible or no ?

(Arthur Wolf) #4

See the 6 connectors at the top ? Those are gadgeteer ports, they’ll let you add not only extenal drivers, but a crazy ton of other stuffs.

(Jonathon Thrumble) #5

Looking amazing! :ok_hand:

(Sébastien Mischler) #6

J’ai bien vérifié 3 fois, mais non elle pas dans ma boite aux lettres ^^

(Jérémie Tarot) #7

After skimming again over the extension boards document, am I wrong to think we’ll be able to use it with both servos and axis encoders?

(James Rivera) #8

LOL @ the Edison use case opening quote.

(Thomas T. Sørensen) #9

Are the XT60 connectors for power?

(Arthur Wolf) #10

@Jeremie_Tarot Using extension boards sure.
@Thomas_T_Sorensen Yep !

(Jérémie Tarot) #11

@Arthur_Wolf great! Does firmware already supports feedback from encoders, both linear and rotary?

(Marko Novak) #12

What is expected maximum voltage on motor input?

(Arthur Wolf) #13

@Jeremie_Tarot That’s up to the drivers, not much to do with the firmware.
@Marko_Novak 24v

(Jérémie Tarot) #14

@Arthur_Wolf I’m talking about double feedback loop: motor rotary encoder to driver for direction, and linear encoders on axes to controler for position

(Arthur Wolf) #15

@Jeremie_Tarot That’s still up to the drivers, I don’t know any that will do that but they do exist, this is just a very odd/rare setup.

(Jérémie Tarot) #16

@Arthur_Wolf Granite Devices drivers handle dual loop, and LinuxCNC supports encoders feedback. Allows to more easily higher accuracy on lower end structure and components

(Marko Novak) #17

@Arthur_Wolf yes it’s usually done on drivers, but I think it was thought more in line of industrial solution on the cheap :wink:

Linear encoder for actual position and rotary for live… Linear is saved on power off, fw comparator for position (halt/force logic)…

(Antonio Hernández) #18

So… kickstarter is ready ? date ?

(Arthur Wolf) #19

@Antonio_Hernandez Boards ready at the factor, should ship to contributors in the coming days. Then still a few weeks before we start KS.

(maker lossendiere) #20

This is V2 or V2 mini ? i don’t remember the difference, and for the V2 pro, the project continue ? i don’t listen news about V2 pro