Getting Started

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Welcome all! If you are new to Makerforums, let us help you get started:

  1. If you are coming here from Google+, please use the “Log in” button and click “with Google” so that the site recognizes you as the author of any content you wrote on Google+. Thank you!

  2. Discobot - It may seem silly, but please run through the Discobot tutorial offered to new users, as it will help you hit the high spots for how things work. Plus, you will earn a cool badge when you are done :smiley: There is also an Advanced User Tutorial

  3. Look through the how-to posts in the Site Help / Feedback category. Ask there if you do not see what you need, or have a suggestion for a change. Write your own how-to if you figure something out that hasn’t been covered yet.

Thank you, and Welcome Aboard.

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