Getting started running Tiny G2 on a due.

Getting started running Tiny G2 on a due. Upon a fresh connect I have 2 items unresponded to and left in the buffer. I can due a queue flush, buffer is now 0 and then I can jog the machine, etc. Steps per mm are way off though. How can I configure these and any other machine settings. Without EEPROM, how do we get these to persist?
Thanks for the help folks.

I compiled the settings into my bin to get them to persist

You use the cog wheel icon in the SPJS list to auto-send the settings again each time you connect. Also, use the “Send No Init Cmds” option in the upper right menu of TinyG widget to fix the fact that v8 allows longer commands and v9 chokes up.

Thanks guys, so far so good. I’ll tune more in the morning.

You can use appropriate settings/settings.h lines to compile your own values or the startup script. This file is very well commented and you should find all what is needed easily.

The compiled parameters will be in your firmware after power on or reset, startup script requires update for each serial port you connect for the first time.

For Due please connect using: and you will get ready to go immediately.