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Hi All,

It’s come time to part ways with my Herculien printer. I built a full size Herculien during college as a way to familiarize myself with engineering principles and easily prototype design ideas while learning CAD. I’ve since moved into a full time position and no longer have the time to dedicate to it’s proper use. I’d like to see it go to someplace where others can use it to learn and teach about 3D printing and design.

Over the years I’ve added interior lights, added an Deut WiFi Board, and collected a bunch of extra nozzles, print heads, and other support components that will be included.

The printer is located in the greater Seattle area and would need to be picked up or have shipping arranged. I would like to recoup some of the investment I’ve put into it but would donate to a worthy cause.

I’ve attached a few images of the printer to this post, please reach out if there are any further questions or would like to see more of the printer.



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Well, hell. What’s your asking? I’m in the middle of building my Herc, wiring up everything for the first time. I am sure you’ve seen my photos. My plan for mine is to maybe make forms for composite layup and such. It might be a hard sell to my wife, but if your price is tasty, I’d be more than willing to consider. I’m in Boise, so we’re not far, geographically. I’m not rich by any means, but I see you’ve gone duet and have a volcano, at the very least. I mostly know what you’ve paid for material and acknowledge the effort you’ve invested. Knowing that, I’d be willing to go $350+ for what you’ve got. It’s not my intention to insult or low-ball, but I’m taking into account my expenses in picking it up against my actual need to have another printer. Let me know what figure you were invisioning, as I am flexible and wouldn’t want this to get away if we could, indeed, work something out to both our satisfaction.

I live in Bellevue, WA. Eric’s design is a great one. What is your asking price? Also, what’s up with the dangling hot end in the picture? Is this printer operational, or does it need some love?

Hey guys, apologies for the delay in responding.

I’ve included two more photos of the additional parts and equipment that will be included. Namely a bunch of extra reels of material, various expansion tubing and bowden tube, lubes, greases, and two direct drive knockoffs that were part of a plan to redesign the head unit that I never made it around to completing. Also included is a parts organizer filled with a ton of extra metric black oxide socket head screws and various spare parts. There’s likely enough hardware here to build a second Herc not including the primary hardware all of which was purchased from Mitsumi and McMasterCarr.

As far what I’m asking for it I think closer to $1k is a fair price. I’m open to discussing other offers especially if it’s going to a good cause.

SirGeekALot, the hanging hot end in the picture was a result of performing some work on the head unit and installing the inductive proximity sensor. I haven’t had time to tinker will the printer in quite so time so I imagine there will be a little TLC needed to tune it up.


Hi All,

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Still available here: Large Format 3D Printer - electronics - by owner - sale