Getting close to installing my Eustathios V4 Carriage Mod.

Getting close to installing my Eustathios V4 Carriage Mod. New bushings will be here Friday. Also prints with the new Bondtech Extruder Beta version are going well (closeup in the photos). I still have the tinniest z ribbing going on. But I will look into that later. The new bed supports move the bed up so it can reach the shortened height of the new carriage. Wish me luck :wink:

The carriage looks awesome. I’m going to have to switch to that once I save up the motivation to switch it out. Let us know how it works out.

Wow, just Wow, that looks so good!

@Jason_Smith will do.

@Oliver_Schonrock ​ right now spacing is for Eustathios. It might work for HercuLien. I forget if the rod spacing is the same. If not it would be easy enough to change.

@Oliver_Schonrock yes.

@Eclsnowman Did you dip your parts in acetone vapors ? they look so shiny !

@Jean-Francois_Coutur yes on the carriage, no on the bed support bracket (since it is PLA for rigidity).

@Eclsnowman Yes I forgot to mention it but I was talking about the carriage… but the bed support does look nice… one thing tough, since its PLA aren’t you worried that it will soften with the bed being near ?

@Jean-Francois_Coutur I’ve been running it for a long time now and haven’t seen any problem yet. It’s not in direct contact with anything hot only in proximity which is fine.

@Jean-Francois_Coutur I would be more concerned if I enclosed this printer though. But right now it is my PLA printer and open air.

oh ok, not the Herculien on this then :slight_smile:

Good luck with the mods !