Getting close to completion.

Getting close to completion.

Wow. So big.

Is that a full 4’ x 8’ sheet? Did you need to upgrade to Nemo 23 motors in order to handle the increased size? If so, did you choose to or was it necessary. Thanks.

1000mm x 1800mm (so roughly 40”x70”) NEMA 23’s? Yeah. I upgraded them for better performance.

Curious what you plan on making with that big area. I just built 1000x1000 to give me room to explore… But don’t have a specific set of projects in mind.

Did you do anything to stiffen the double makerslide?

As for the orientation, I have to be able to load materials in the machine. This was the best way (for me.)

Are your STL files for the brackets available for download anywhere?