Getting an Azteeg X5 GT wired in to my printer.

Getting an Azteeg X5 GT wired in to my printer. Everything is done but the fans.

When connecting to the fan pins, should I be connecting to the Gnd and +VS pins or the +12V pins? The wiring diagram shows it either way, just not sure which is the correct way?

Also if I’ve got 24vdc power supply into the board, will it produce 12vdc or 24 on these pins? (My fans are 24v)

Use Vs. to get your main supply voltage (24V in your case). The 12V orientation is for 12V fans.

The board has a 12V converter on it for 12V accessories. This comes in handy for 24V users because some variations of fans, lights and other devices aren’t easily found in 24V.

For a visual representation, the fan on the left will run at 12V. The fan on the right will run at 24V (if you’re running a 24V PSU as you are).


Thanks guys! So does the +VS pin control the fan speed via gcode? Is the +12v pin just ‘always on’ or variable also?

These pins are controllable via G-Code. See the sample config values below.

The first block will allow you to control the first fan (the set of pins on the left in the diagram above) via the M106 and M107 G-Codes (the standard fan on/off codes).

The second block allows you to control the second fan (the set of pins on the right in the diagram above) via M42 and M43. You can use those for a second fan, for LEDs, etc.

Either of these sets of pins (fan 1 or fan 2) can be used with either 12V or 24V (your source voltage), depending on which pins you use (top or bottom).

The last 4 blocks are just for fun. They provide custom menu options on your LCD (if you have one) so you can test turning the fans (or other accessories connected to the pins in question) on and off.

I hope this helps. Let me know if it’s unclear.

switch.fan1.enable false
switch.fan1.input_on_command M106
switch.fan1.input_off_command M107
switch.fan1.output_pin 0.26

switch.fan2.enable false
switch.fan2.input_on_command M42
switch.fan2.input_off_command M43
switch.fan2.output_pin 1.22

custom_menu.fan1_on.enable true Fan_1_On
custom_menu.fan1_on.command M106

custom_menu.fan1_off.enable true Fan_1_Off
custom_menu.fan1_off.command M107

custom_menu.fan2_on.enable true Fan_2_On
custom_menu.fan2_on.command M42

custom_menu.fan2_off.enable true Fan_2_Off
custom_menu.fan2_off.command M43

@Brad_Vaughan someday I’ll understand this stuff to the degree that I could create stuff instead of tiptoeing around, tweaking the few lines I need to, to get the basic functionality out of the box.

To that end, when using the sample BigFoot config, I see all the stepper ‘enable’ pins are labeled ‘nc’. I assume I should leave these unchanged as they are (using BSD2660 Bigfoot drives).

Also under the config file
" " should be set to false for a Eustathios? (As it’s not a delta?)

Same goes for
“Motor_driver_control.epsilon.enable” (should be false?) I don’t have a daughter board to configure (just making it a standard Cartesian printer w/ a single extruder— for now anyway)

Yes leave the “nc” in there as the enable lines are used as Chip Select for the SPI drivers.

The Motor drivers are labeled on Smoothie as Alpha(X), Beta (Y), Gamma(Z), Delta(E1), and Epsilon (E2). The Delta in there does not pertain to the type of 3D printer configuration you have. Keep Motor driver delta enabled (True) if you have 1 hotend . Epsilon is for the 2nd hotend, so False in your case.

@Roy_Cortes thanks @Roy_Cortes just about to fire this bad boy up!

@Roy_Cortes first fire up and a couple anomalies. All to do with the panel.

1- the cursor movement from rotating the dial is backwards to the X5Mini, not sure how to reverse that.
2- the cursor movement is very ‘clunky’. When you rotate the knob, the cursor may move, it may not move… it may move much more than you’d think given the knob movement.
3-there are numerous delays while navigating the menus. Sometimes it’s instant in changing pages, sometimes it’s a 3-4s delay before displaying the change. Sometimes the panel will display partially corrupted characters and then subsequently correct the corruption 3-4s later?


@Roy_Cortes comparing the X5 Mini to the sample GT config file I see :

-encoder A and B pins are reversed (would this be my reversed rotation issue?)
-encoder resolution in the mini was 4, the GT sample had it at 1 (I changed it to ‘4’, maybe that’s caused an issue?)

First test was with the SD in the board slot, tried it in the Panel slot on attempt 2 but only got a backlit panel, w/ no characters.

Reversing the encoder pins will flip the direction of the cursor.

Try a resolution of 1 or 2 and see what works best for you. 1 will make it move for every click.

Not sure whats causing the delays, haven’t seen that much of a delay on the LCD.