Gerbolyze high-fidelity SVG/PNG/JPG to PCB converter

GitHub - jaseg/gerbolyze: Render high-resolution bitmap images to PCB gerber files

Gerbolyze renders SVG vector and PNG/JPG raster images into existing gerber PCB manufacturing files. Vector data from SVG files is rendered losslessly without an intermediate rasterization/revectorization step. Still, gerbolyze supports (almost) the full SVG 1.1 spec including complex, self-intersecting paths with holes, patterns, dashes and transformations

Raster images can either be vectorized through contour tracing (like gerbolyze v1.0 did) or they can be embedded using high-resolution grayscale emulation while (mostly) guaranteeing trace/space design rules.


It always looked like it would take more time than I was willing to spend to get graphics onto my circuit boards in KiCAD. Maybe the next one I’ll change that! :tada: