Genmitsu Prover XL4030 spindle stops mid cut, changes direction

I successfully set up my new 4030 and have made a couple cuts but am now experiencing both hesitation in the spindle as well as stopping and moving in a totally different direction. I have my cnc plugged in to an outlet on a new line that runs directly from my electrical box so as to filter out any potential noise. Any help would be apprecitated.

Are you controlling it with a computer hooked up via USB?

Yes, I am.

Is the computer using the same outlet as the router control board?

Have you tried other USB cables?

Yes, I have the PC plugged in to the same outlet. Hm, didn’t think about switching cables, I’ll give that a shot. I had this issue initially when I had my cnc plugged in to a shared line, it would track off course every time the furnace kicked on. Just got the dedicated line installed. I’ll try switching outlets for the pc and swapping cables. Thanks for the tips, I’ll update shortly.

Just to be clear, I’m suggesting that you probably do still want the computer on the same outlet as the router. (We have some EEs here who might pitch in here, I am but a humble programmer who waves around words like “ground loop” with limited understanding…)

But this might be the case where you really want to use that one weird USB cable with the ferrite bead that came with some random piece of gear five years ago. :grin: In all seriousness, we’ve heard here of lots of communication problems sorted by simply trying a new, high quality USB cable.

Ok, gotcha. I did swap out the cable (non ferrite bead) and re-started the cut. At one point early on the spindle stopped in position & hitting the ‘pause’ button released it. It then tracked off course while making a corner

Ok, so I didn’t notice the cable actually does* have the ferrite core. The spindle just stopped a moment ago in one position, kept spinning but this time hitting the pause button in Candle wouldn’t release it, had to stop the job.

Could it possibly be some issue with Candle?

I’m using the SD carrd for now till I can purchase a new USB cable. Thanks for your help!

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I’ve seen that too with candle but also think it was due to electrical noise. I did find UGS more reliable. I’ve been thinking of trying bCNC…

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