Genetic Analyzer

I live next to a university and they have a surplus department that sells off old equipment as well as items left behind by the students. This is where I acquired my $5.00 chiller and most of my electronic and computer equipment these days. Today I found this gem for a mere $800.00! What a bargain!
A quick net search says it is worth between $15,000 and $25,000!

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Nice find :). But does it work and more importantly does it come with the , what I’m sure is propriety, software to run it? :wink: Institutional surplus analytical equipment can be such a crap shoot. There is a reason it’s surplus. I’ve been involved in buying surplus analytical equipment before. Some can be an easy fix and others junk. I’ve bought a lots of the same things, cheap, just to use most for parts just to get one or 2 units working.

One time, when I was going back to get my masters in chemistry, one of the other grads found out that Glaxo was donating old equipment to universities, for a write off, and showed me the list. Saw a lot of 20 nice high resolution perkin elmer A/D converters. I knew these converters from my previous job and I also knew that Glaxo was phasing them out to switch to a new company (Agilent) for their data acquisition. More importantly I knew how to modify them to work without the proprietary software. The other grad student was going up to Glaxo (2hr drive) for something else so I had him pick them up for me.

They all worked! Did the mods and coupled them to some open source software and wa-la :confetti_ball: I was a god for some of the other grads and professors as I moved them away from their stone age paper chart recorders. :joy:

You are a God in my book! :wink:

Interesting story. Everything surplus is always a crapshoot but I always find it interesting what is out there and available if you look hard enough.

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