General question about operation abilities

(Michael Maslakowski_SW) #1

I am building a CNC controlled ultrasound device for medical research, I want to use a smoothie board for this controller but I cannot easily find if it can do a few necessary things (easily). For the experiments it will need all used axises to be able to be moved with a keyboard strike, to a varying precision, or sent arbitrary G-code from a command line, and preferably controlled by the computer. Is this possible or are all operations limited to the execution and code contained in the SD card? This may be a very stupid question but everything I have read so far has led me to believe such.

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(Patrick Darrieulat) #2


Avec Pronterface ou repetier entre autre, on peut contrôler la machine sans problèmes et envoyer du gcode.

(Michael Maslakowski_SW) #3


Savez-vous si les connecteurs des extrudeuses peuvent être utilisés pour donner un angle variable? Semblable au cas d’un routeur CNC qui a un angle avec la tête.