Gemitsu 4030 Dewalt DWP611 Noise

I have updated the router on the Gemitsu 4030 to a Dewalt DWP611. I did not realise how loud the noise would be when the machine is running. Does anyone have any ideas how to reduce the noise? I thought about trying to build a cage for it but not sure what kind of sound insulation I can get to stop the noise. I am very consious of the fact my neighbours may have something to say if I continue without bringing down the level of noise it makes. So appreciate any help, cheers.

Anything that cuts down on noise is also going to mean you need to think about heat.

I’ve seen plenty of people who have built plywood boxes around their routers, to manage both dust and noise. Can’t remember which I saw here (or in G+ before we set up Maker Forums), what I’ve seen on Twitter in the past, or the Fediverse recently, or on Reddit, but I’ve definitely seen plenty of examples.

Mass is the most important thing to cut down on noise. So 3/4" or 19mm plywood should cut down substantially. The more mass, the more effective, which makes it heavy, so if whatever you design opens by lifting, you might consider using gas lift cylinders to open it.

You can search for “router enclosure” here to find at least some examples.

You probably want to keep the controller electronics outside the box if you can. At least if you are going to run it for a long time, you might want some filtered ventilation to avoid overheating. Baffles might help cut down on sound going through holes with filters in them.

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