Geeetech multi-material mixing hotend heater cartridges?

A friend brought over his Geeetech A20M with a mixing nozzle. The Esteps were way off, so we fixed that. Then while we tried a test print, the nozzle temperature suddenly dropped while it was printing.

I tried replacing the cartridge with a spare I had, but found out that it was a 20mm long cartridge whereas the A20M needs a 30mm long (still 6mm diameter) cartridge.

He tells me that Geeetech hasn’t responded to any of his support questions since buying the printer last March or so.

I can’t find 6x30 40W 24V cartridges for sale in the US. Geeetech ships from China, and I found some on aliexpress, but nothing stocked in the US. Does anyone know of a location to buy them?

Found this on eBay which indicates US seller.


Oooh, didn’t try searching for “6*30” thank you!