Geeetech A10M extruders work backwards!

Hi Everybody! I need help! After updating to the latest firmware my Geeetech A10M works BACKWARDS on both extruders. I mean instead of extruding it retracts and it extrudes instead of retracting. How can I fix this issue? I have no access to the previous firmware version, so I can’t revert to it to check if this is the problem.

First, good news: This is not hard to fix. :relaxed:

What firmware did you install? Provide the URL you got it from? It might have been built for different stepper drivers.

@nedman noted in TMC2209 Driver Upgrades to a Geeetech A10

So if you have the stepper drivers that came with it, but installed a firmware intended for the trinamic stepper drivers that are a common upgrade, that might be the problem.


You can find the Geeetech drivers;

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Thank you so very much! I knew I could count on you good people to help me :grinning: :heart_eyes: