GcodePrintr and Wi-Fi connect

Hi. please add the ability to connect to the printer via wi-fi. for example, so that you can connect via the esp-link., as implemented in 3d fox.

Hi Lexx,

I have added wifi connection and more features to the latest GcodePrintr Beta version.

3.42 Changes
Add more functions to Web Interface
Web Interface use Ajax requests
WiFi Printing (Connect to your WIFI enabled printer)
Wifi Gateway (Export a USB connected printer through plain wifi)
Prusa MK3s improvements
Support for additional printer electronics
Add option to automatically startup Gcodeprintr service when Android boots up (requires extra permissions)
Improved time estimation

To participate in the beta:

  1. Opt-in here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/de.dietzm.gcodesimulatorprinter
  2. Google Play should show a App Update soon after

Hi Lexx,

did you had a chance to try the beta ? Any Feedback is highly welcome