Gantry not square

Good morning,

I just received my K40 Laser cutter, and of course… Pretty much nothing is aligned in the box. I think I’m in for quite a lot of tuning work

So first question is: the X-axis is not // to the gantry (the axis on which the laser head travels), it’s tilted downward.

Is there any recommendation as to how to solve it ? Unfortunately, it seems that to be able to access the mechanics of this area I need to probably disassemble the entire gantry, but what is odd to me is that it looks like it’s bent.

Comments welcome


Greetings Vincent and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Also congrats on K40 ownership :tada:

The x-axis being out of square is very common for new machines. You can usually fix this by loosening the belt on the right side and moving the right side of the axis so it’s more square and then retention the belt. You loosen the belt by an belt tensioning screw in the back of that side.

(Arrow in pic below shows where the tensioning mech is located)

Here is the adjustment screw on the back side of the gantry frame. There will be an access hole in the back of the machine so you can stick a long screw driver through to reach the screw.


Many thanks, I would not have guessed that on my own. A similar answer was probably available somewhere in the forum I admit, so thanks for taking the time to respond