G29 -> Automatic bed leveling no more working correctly.

G29 -> Automatic bed leveling no more working correctly. Does anyone know on how the ares “feels” the bed? What kind of sensor does recognize the bed?

My Printer goes higher and higher on every bed level checking point. Sometimes it starts correctly, sometimes all points are correct but in most cases it is starting already 5cm in the air …

Ares uses infrared for probing. There were several “hanging in the air” threads in the EasyArts forum, all very long. It can have different causes. One common adjustment is the screw on the back of the infrared sensor, by the side of the hot end. I (and several others) experienced this because the shipped firmware parameter does not match the shipped rod length. That takes a firmware update to rectify. You can temporarily (half) remediate it by setting negative Z offset in the G29 command. This community also had one discussion in which recollection of various causes were posted.