G10q LED Fitting

Hi there,
I’m trying to replace this fluorescent bulb with its LED equivalent- it has g10q pins, 40cm in diameter. In the picture it’s the fluorescent tube with an electronic ballast. The LED version needs something else to work but I’m not sure what.

Can anyone advise on the components I would need to light this thing up?
Many thanks in advance.

Assuming the picture is the fluorescent tube, can you post a picture and information on the LED version you need help with…

OR are you asking for advice on a LED equivalent?

Does the bulb have a part # if so you can search for an LED equivalent of that bulb.

Often the replacement LED equivalent is a plug replacement for the florescent and nothing else is needed.

Thanks for the reply. I already have bought this led bulb with the 4pin g10q base- I thought I could swap the bulb out but apparently not!

It’s a sculptural arrangement so having this circular shape is important but want the lower heat emission of led

I have never used one of these but perhaps I can help…

" Connects to conventional fixtures or mains

This circular LED tube can be connected to a conventional fixture (one that has a starter) or it can be connected directly to the mains."

The ballast in your previous lamp may not be compatible (electronic vs starter). However the specs say this lamp can be connected directly to the mains.

I take this to mean that you can bypass your electronic ballast and wire directly to the lamp??

What have you tried so far and what happened.

Perhaps there is help here:


Thanks donkjr.
So I bought the original fluorescent bulb and then found the electronic ballast separately which I wired up to a power cord/ mains.
I have no lamp base or other fittings.
I bought the LED bulb and thought it might just hook up to the ballast but no joy.
I was hoping there might be a similar ‘kit’ or component I could by to connect to a power cord but haven’t found anything.
Would you have any suggestions?

I am pretty sure you just need to connect the mains directly to the led bulb.

You could do this by cutting the ballast off the g10q socket leaving enough wire to connect the mains. Then connect the mains to the 4 pins on the g10q connector.

The problem is that I do not know which pins are what on that LED bulb.

I would use the # above to call any-lamp and get that info.
Some research suggests that 2 pins of the 4 are neutral and 2 are hot but I do not know what pins.

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Ok, great, that seems really straightforward!
L and N are marked on the bulb so I guess the 2 on the left are live and the 2 on the right are neutral

Oh my, that is the diagram I was looking for :)!
Yes the left is LINE and the right is neutral.

Be safe I assume you are working with 220?

Cheers donkjr!
I’m a bit embarrassed to say I don’t know how to check the 220v and I guess that’s why I thought there should be an intermediate component to regulate the voltage.
I’m in Europe so if it runs from a domestic or common mains supply is there a way I can check/ regulate the flow? The internet tells me that Europe has harmonised voltage at a range of 207-253v (nominally 230v) but is there something else I should do to ensure safety?

How is this lamp being used and where and how do you plan to plug or wire it in at.

You would need a switch in series with the mains if you want to turn it on/off rather than just pull the plug.

A fused plug would be a good idea if you plan on plugging this into an outlet.


@cprezzi, @StephaneBUISSON or others in europe, do you have practical suggestions for wiring the the above lamp. I do not know what switches plugs and wire that may be available in Europe.

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It’s going to be sitting on the floor of a gallery space as part of an arrangement of items. Yes, was intending on using a fused plug directly to an outlet. It’s not necessarily important to have a switch that cuts the power, I guess I just want to ensure there isn’t a power surge or other issue that could cause harm. Thanks!

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Then wiring it directly to the mains through a fused plug should work for your application.
Let us know if it works for you…


Yes, will do! Thanks for your responses- much appreciated.

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You can get special sockets fur such lamps:


Good to know- thanks!

Hello, just wanted to let you know that I connected this according to your advice and all is working well- many thanks!