G+ site statistics

I found some of the statistics interesting. This is from the information on the K40 G+ Static Archive thread. https://forum.makerforums.info/t/k40-g-static-archive/282/11?u=nedman

To quote Michael K Johnson;
“There are 1022 people who have posted to the G+ community, and 1264 people who have commented on posts, for a total of 1391 people who posted some sort of content on G+.”

So what does this mean? There are 5830 people who follow the group.
17% posted
22% commented
24% participated in some way.

Some interesting statistics to chew on.

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I think we get lots of lurkers that are interested in / thinking about getting a K40 but never do.

Or they found the information they needed without the need to post a question.


To explore, download https://gitlab.com/funinthefalls/k40/raw/master/import/feed.json?inline=false and use the jq tool. Here’s how to get the numbers I found:

$ jq .accounts[0].communities[0].membersCount feed.json 
$ jq .accounts[0].communities[0].categories[].posts[].author.id feed.json  | sort -u > authors
$ wc -l authors
1022 authors
$ jq .accounts[0].communities[0].categories[].posts[].comments[].author.id feed.json  | sort -u > commenters
$ wc -l commenters 
1264 commenters
$ cat commenters authors | sort -u | wc -l

It’s possible to do this counting in jq — it has a rich language. But I didn’t want to get lost in the syntax.

Feel free to explore it for other statistics or other interesting data. It might be interesting to look at the individual post times by author by time and graph time series data from it, for instance.