FYI: Printer WebUI got renamed to  and now also has its own G+ page

FYI: Printer WebUI got renamed to #OctoPrint and now also has its own G+ page where updates will be posted from now on.

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I just merged the recent development branch onto the master branch. Now #OctoPrint integrates for state communication from the backend to the frontend (making OctoPrint more responsive). I also took the opportunity to rename the project from Printer WebUI to it’s new shiny name (thanks again to everyone who helped picking name and logo!). The repository will be renamed next saturday (which will mean an update of the git remote ref for all people who already cloned the repository – no worries, I’ll explain what exactly you’ll have to do to continue receiving updates :)). As the location of the configuration files changed with the name (wouldn’t have made sense otherwise) the new version includes an automigration feature to move the configuration files from ~/.printerwebui / %APPDATA%/PrinterWebUI / ~/Library/Application Support/PrinterWebUI to their new homes at ~/.octoprint / %APPDATA%/OctoPrint / ~/Library/Application Support/OctoPrint

~ Gina