FYI If you are cooking your filament in the oven it is best to


If you are cooking your filament in the oven it is best to keep under 80 C and cook longer if needed. IF YOU DO NOT you will not be able to leave your printer unattended as the filament will be sticking together on the spool. Maybe its OK for 10 min or 30 min but then it will not un-spool and the stepper can skip steppes from being held back by the filament.
The filament can even break off from the spool then you are scrambling to get the end released from the spool and put it back in the jigsaw before the remaining filament runs out.

Just Saying!

Sounds like this comes from experience, and not the fun kind.

You are so correct.

What ? Why would you cook your filament ?

@Shachar_Weis To dry it out if it’s been stored in a humid area.

Kinda strange, I took it out of the sealed package that had descant in it also and i printed crappy from the get go. After checking i saw that it had bubbles right from the start. I think this was an old roll that got sealed up as there was dirt and a long black hair wound in the filament.
Top notch stuff this is!

@Carlton_Dodd A kitchen dehumidifier is much easier to use. I run it at 60c overnight.

Do you put everything in a bucket or something?

@Shachar_Weis is that desiccant dehumidifier or an electric?