FYI, files are up. Enjoy.

FYI, files are up. Enjoy.

Originally shared by Eric Lien

I am finally ready to officially release my Eustathios Spider V2 variant of the great prior work by @Jason_Smith ​ (Eustathios) and @Tim_Rastall ​ (Ingentis). In V2 I used some design styles from my #HercuLien variant as well as an upgrade to the smoothieware based Azteeg X5 Mini controller, Viki2 LCD, and great high torque stepper motors from robotdigg.

Included in this release is a detailed excel BOM, and the start to some prints and documentation. I also converted my solidworks design files into many formats to help people without access to solidworks use my designs to improve and customize. This includes step, x_t, designspark, rhino, edrawings, 3d-pdf, sketch up, etc.

Hope you enjoy.


thanks @Eclsnowman !

Great stuff Eric, I shall be placing my Misumi order tonight. RobotDigg arrives this evening, hopefully have this built in the next couple of weeks!

I’m still torn about putting the motors on the outside of the frame like that, do you think the shorter belts will help with accuracy (reduced resonance?)? I assume you can still enclose the frame fairly easily with some small cutouts in the acrylic.

@Ben_Delarre thats my thought. I really like the shorter belts for crisp motion minimizing belt stretch harmonics at high speed.

Do you ever see 3d photos on your phone and try to rotate them? Cuz I do. Good work man! Can’t wait to check it out.

@Eclsnowman Well, I think i’ll print out an extra set of motor mounts and spend the extra $16 at Misumi to get the alternate belt sizes and give your layout a go then I can contrast and compare.

I can’t wait!

Its beautiful!

Wow! Looks good @Eclsnowman ! Thank you!

Did anyone figure out a mount for the new bondeus extruder beta?

@Ben_Delarre the current mount should fit fine on this machine if your are using a geared nema 17.

I got the full kit so I guess I do. Should arrive on Monday so we will see. So the plastic parts that come with it should mount directly to the extrusion?

@Ben_Delarre ​ you will have to bolt through the ring clamp all the way to the extrusion with a longer 5mm. i think it is tapped, so you need to drill it out.

Or just print the V1 holder. That what I use… But I am also the guy who modeled it :wink:

I tired to open your files in Etc 3D and it doesn’t work? Just kidding!

Nice work, I’ll rebuild mine into this soon!

@Eclsnowman V1 holder for the bondeus? I haven’t seen that in the eustathios repo, do you have it somewhere else?

@Eclsnowman not sure if you are expecting it or wanting it, but i submitted a PR for minor readme edits.


Aha, didn’t see that, thanks!

@Seth_Messer merged. But I need to get better at knowing how to review request. I am still pretty green at github.

@Eclsnowman feel free to hit me up with any questions or roadblocks you have with it.