Fusion confusion. I keep using the wrong cutting strategies and the bit goes back

(George Allen) #1

Fusion confusion. I keep using the wrong cutting strategies and the bit goes back over the work it has done and cuts right through it.

(Paul Shaw) #2

Are you sure it’s not lost position? Look at the simulation in fusion.

(George Allen) #3

Yes, it’s my selections and choices of pockets to mill. There are so many options in there I get confused. The same type of thing happened on another run. Right now, I’m trying to figure out 2D adaptive (which I am using consistently) and then using 3D adaptive rest milling (for the parts that the other tool couldn’t mill). On the one below, the tool cut into the name (Graham) after I selected an edge to mill inside the name. I am going to try it without that selected and see if that works. Thanks for the input though. Apologies for not being on in a while (I’ve been trying to learn as well as visiting my mom at a nursing home in TX.missing/deleted image from Google+

(Paul Shaw) #4

Do you have your whole model in the 3d adaptive? When you are selecting chains pay attention to the red arrow that shows which side of the chain it’s going to be cutting out. Same set up with both? I’ve never had it go this wrong! Do you know how to run the simulation in fusion? That should help see what’s going to happen.

(George Allen) #5

The above job was done on a workpiece that I had used before (so not all that damage happened on one run)…experimenting. On that piece I attempted 2 operations: a 2D Adaptive cut using a.25 in ballnose, and then a 3D adaptive cut (rest milling) using a 1/8 in ballnose. I use the simulations regularly, but I’m still learning details. One thing that is obvious and I should know, but I forgot where the option is, is the one to select a manual tool change (that will pause the machine between operations, so that you can switch tools). I can’t remember if that option is on setup or post. The tip about the arrows is helpful (I’m still trying to figure that out) as well as the multiple shades that appear after you select an edge. I’ve learned how to spot collisions using the simulator. I’m still trying to figure out (linking) and adjusting ramp diameter on a helix entry, when to use the different types of 2D cuts, etc, etc, etc.

(George Allen) #6

Here’s a small project I did using a 3D cut motion that went well: missing/deleted image from Google+

(Paul Shaw) #7

M6 is an option in the post that will add m6s into the code which will cause it to pause.

(George Allen) #8

Thanks. I’ll have to add that to the gcode.

(Adam M) #9

New to the group and saw your post so I thought I might add my 2 cents. I had a similar problem happen to me recently and realized it was from me adding another setup in fusion 360 and the WCS was different than my original setup. It took me a little bit to find out what that problem was…

(George Allen) #10

@Adam_M Thanks. I’ve been sick and unable to get back to my machine lately.

(Adam M) #11

:+1:t2:feel better…

(Bruce Lunde) #12

Is there a step over or safe z setting that will raise the bit up before moving to the next cut?

(Adam M) #13

Yes, I think it’s on the clearance height tab.

Check the material setup, I usually use exact dimensions for my material.

Also, if you have multiple “setups” in the CAM, make sure the material setup is the same for each of them, that bit me last time.

Hopefully that will help if I understand you problem correctly.


(Adam M) #14

Also, if you can you share your file if you can’t find the problem I might be able to help. I think it can be exported…