Fuse blown in the Laser power supply unit - need details

Hi all, my (until today) trusty K40 today blew a fuse. I have identified it as the one soldered to the mainboard of the laser power supply, rather ironically and amusingly labelled ‘FU2’ on the PCB

While I don’t know if the fuse is the only issue, I am in Qatar where my resources are limited, so the only practical thing I can do is to replace the fuse and see if it keeps on happeneing or whether it was just a glitch.

In order to replace the fuse I need to know what type it is, voltage and amperes. It’s a glass type, and clearly blown, but at the moment I cannot see any identification markings. Can anyone advise as to what this fuse is so I can try to ressurect it?

Additionally, I want to back up the repair by looking at getting a spare power supply unit, what is a reputable source of these as I can probably order one to be shipped here. No idea how long it will take, buy no choice really!



Please provide a picture of the power supply showing the connectors and also one showing the fuse.

The typical K40 LPS uses this one:

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If my experience is worth anything, I wouldn’t even mess with it. Mine failed and I bought a new power supply off of ebay for around 50 bucks. Power supplies are life limited and unless you have a burning desire to tear it down and roll the bones, just replace it. Shipping on mine was fast and got me up and running in a few days.


Thanks guys - my problem is I live in Qatar, and many Amazon sellers don’t ship here. However I have ordered a replacement to be sent to someone who will visit in the next few months

In the meantime I took the board to a local TV and electronics repair shop, and they found the fault and replaced a couple of MOSFET’s or Transistors, plus put in a new fuse. Wasn’t expensive, so lets see how long it lasts!