Funding complete. This will be my first 3d printer...when it's really delivered :-) But

Funding complete. This will be my first 3d printer…when it’s really delivered :slight_smile: But I’m confident.

Post-kickstarter information is here:

Heh, same here. With the usual kick starter project delays we might have it on Christmas, if we are lucky. Christmas next year, that is… (should give me enough time to tell my wife what I got myself into again ;-))

So it’s just a Wallace with an enclosure right?

@Joe_Murphy Yeah, however they modified a few things like molded parts, a new Ramps 1.4 Arduino Mega electronics board, more bearings (compared to their first design).

@Joe_Murphy Not a Wallace: The x-bars are parallel in the horizontal plane is some pics, vertical in the movie, the threaded Z rods looks to be offset -y from the smooth Z, rather than outboard along +/-x, and the y-belt is off-center of the bed like a printrbot.