Fun new video on milling dovetail joints in ChiliPeppr.

Fun new video on milling dovetail joints in ChiliPeppr.

@Andy_Meyer I’m using your new Super Touch Plate widget in the video. It worked great, but the HTML layout doesn’t work on my screen. You should try to let it be fluid so it reflows on different sized screens. You’ll see in the video I had to reduce the zoom in the browser just to see the textbox numbers. Would it be possible to just stack your boxes and let there be vertical scrolling?

Congrats on your first woodworking project. My CNC partner helped Ron at Velox do them more like a traditional routed dovetail jig. The fit is very tight and the cut very quick if you have to do a lot of dovetail cuts.

That video is nice but I also had a pocket to mill, a hole, and some wall contours. So I would say my technique was better than this video as he would need a tool change and to change the mounting of the wood.

It’s a way to do what woodworkers do now but with no expensive jig for each pattern. It’s for production work and was done because there were so many requests for it. It took Ron a while to write the Mach wizard but it makes it very easy to do a lot of dovetails really fast, which is what we need in production. One off is fine for art but nobody can afford art unless you are a famous artist. :slight_smile:

BTW, programs like ArtCAM do inlay automatically accounting for the bit geometry so all outside corners are rounded so the inside piece will fit.
You can see how tight is makes things in this image.

That’s a nice fit indeed

Woodworkers are very proud of their joinery. If there is any glue line or gap it is what they will notice. The closeup finished result is what matters. Congrats on joining us crazy wood workers. Next you can try one of these.

1000mm/min feed but what speed and bit dia?