Fun Category

(anon57870006) #1

Please let us have a category for fun. Let the content be erased after 7 days from posting not to overload the servers.

(Michael K Johnson) #2

Discourse never deletes. It only marks as deleted but saves anyway in case you change your mind.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #3

Whoops I thought all this was “FUN” :slight_smile:

(anon57870006) #4

Gentlemen, for example I get from my daughter a video with a dog doing something that makes me lay on the ground; I’d love to share but it does not have to remain. Couple of minutes of laugh add couple days of live :wink: We need it for our bolts ans screws

(anon57870006) #5

@mcdanlj great: no overhead for the servers because all are links. WE need to delete not to distract our members for the main mission of making the world a “better place”. Tech support we do when asked for but it is not the main value of this hosting (is it India :stuck_out_tongue: )

(anon57870006) #6

@donkjr you are right it is. In Germany after some fun we open Beers: the Fun Category I suggest as Beers that does not stay for long

(Michael K Johnson) #7

I’m just saying that the software doesn’t delete.

Whether the content is marked as deleted has no effect on the servers.

Nothing against beer!

(anon57870006) #8

By the way to this catogory could belong links to YT videos of @Nedman with his girl skating or mine (already shared building a shed).
Such posts help us see each other as humans instead of cores of some distributed solving environment.
I do vote for it.

(Michael K Johnson) #9

The Lounge is available for folks that have reached “trust level 3” — it’s a Discourse default feature. It’s meant to serve this purpose. :slight_smile:

(Claudio Prezzi) #10

I just don’t want to see all that “funny” stuff that is chocking social media channels. This is a makers forum, not a funny stuff forum.

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(anon57870006) #11

The way my Sundays start as an example of Fun I mean.
You know me better now for sure

(Claudio Prezzi) #12

Yea, that’s maksers fun. That’s ok for me :rofl:

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(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #13

I agree that we should keep the main content pretty technical, that is why I am here. However I also value seeing peoples shop, tools and connect a face with a person.
We should encourage profiles to have faces and use the lounge for this kind of stuff, I like that you have to reach a certain status to use the lounge!

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