Fully 3D printed car Strati's design rewarded by Local Motors Italian designer Michele Anoè

Fully 3D printed car Strati’s design rewarded by @Local_Motors

Italian designer Michele Anoè is the winner of the first 3D Printed Car Design Challenge organized by Local Motors. The car has been rewarded for its simple and clean design that shines above technology.

3D printing has opened new horizons in all design worlds, from fashion design to orthopedics, from shoes to casts for broken arms. 3D printing application opportunities seem to be unlimited and now even the automotive industry has been seduced by 3D printing technology.

It is called Strati and is the winner of the first edition of Local Motors’ 3D Printed Car Design Challenge. Turin-based designer Michele Anoè has been chosed among more than 200 submissions from 30 different countries. His Strati electric car will be 3D printed live this September in Chicago during the International Manufaturing Technology Show. The Italian designer will also receive a $5,000 cash prize.

3D printed car Strati combines the looks of a sports car and a moon buggy equipped of a retractable roof. The car’s chassis will be printed from carbon-fiber-infused ABS to which a wheel and suspension package pre-selected by Local Motors will be attached.

“There are three major challenges facing the auto industry today; part count, weight, and the initial cost of tooling when creating and iterating on vehicles. The hybrid Direct Digital Manufacturing process stands to address all three of these”, said Jay Rogers, Local Motors CEO. “When these hurdles are removed, we open the door to an exciting new era in automotive design and manufacturing possibilities”.

Local Motors’ 3D Printed Car Challenge is a good example of what we call STEMplusD, where design – understood as quality, beauty, usability – is the main feature in a project involving latest technologies.

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