Full Moon! Eustathios Spider V2

I guess last night must have been a full moon. I tried printing something last night and I watched my extruder fan making this popping noise and then release a bunch smoke.

An hour later I messing with my raspberry pi and when I went to plug it back in the actual sd card burned my finger! Very strange!

Hmm… Any chance you have mains power going somewhere it shouldn’t?

I would do a little hunting with a multimeter just for piece of mind.

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I will have to take a look tonight. By the way, I swapped out the heated bed recently. It heats a lot faster and I’m not having to reset the X5 mini all the time to print something.

Are you working on some new redesigned parts? I thought I saw that somewhere.

I have them installed now. I should get them posted. I haven’t been as active on posting my updates on the github after G+ went kaput.


I need this… Looks great.

Yeah it’s a bummer G+ went away. I really liked it.