Full color resin printing tech

I just saw this new technology and I thought super cool. Very roughly can be described as an ink jet resin printer. Looked up the price and roughly only about $100K. lol.


Only $100k? What a deal, I’ll take four!


Yeah, I want one also

I wonder what the return rate on that would be for a business.

Given the cost of resin, how long would it be, and how much would you need to print, before you started turning a profit.

I’d seriously consider buying a share in a small print farm with a couple of these.

I hope the technology matures further and cost comes down.

The part I liked is the print is cured as it goes and the final piece is non-toxic. A quick wash of the outer support material and ready to go. No gloves required.

Main reason I haven’t gotten a resin printer is the toxicity factor of the resin.

It was the fact that the entire thing was encased in a support layer, so no supports to dethatch, and zero islands.

The toxic element of resin printing is really overplayed by influencers who are terrified of being accused of promoting dangerous practices.

The truth is that you don’t want to put your printer in your bedroom, but if you’ve got a hobby room where you can open up a window after you’ve printed, then you’re good.

I wonder if it’s the same tech as what Shapeway uses. I bought a little spaceship model from them and it feels like sandstone and has multiple colors.

Interesting. And the answer is yes. lol. They were doing this two years ago already.

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