Full color prints, mixing colored PLA? Anyone else as skeptical as I am?

Full color prints, mixing colored PLA? Anyone else as skeptical as I am?

I guess it’s possible but probably highly unlikely at this point.

The fact that the pictures of the machine are all 2d mock-ups (not even 3d) makes me even more skeptical.

Oh, and of course, the fact that there are no pictures of prints.

Very true, even then the print head would be substantially larger than a wades extruder. You would need some mechanism to mix the filament as it went through a heating chamber then a way to push it out of the print head. I guess it would be doable as I’ve seen 3 wades put together to make a multi colored head.

The whole page looks like someone’s final for web design 101.

A Wade’s is about the largest extruder anyone uses these days. With 1.75mm filament and a small-diameter drive gear, you can direct-drive with one of the larger NEMA 14 motors. That seems to be pretty much the most compact extruder drive mechanism possible, and what they’re claiming would require five of them. They could be bowden, but even so…

@Pamela_Hauff Count again. For printing on paper (pigmentation rather than light emission), you need four colors to get “full color”: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Furthermore, if you are 3d printing by extruding colored plastic (rather than adding ink to a pre-existing sheet of paper), you don’t get a white substrate for free, so you also need white. That’s five. The machine is also supposed to do PVA support material, so that makes six extruder motors, not three.

Extremely skeptical.

They could have at least share a color 3d printed object. They seem to care more about how the printer looks like rather then to convince people that it actually works…

There are no videos on this system either …

This thing is faker than the moon landing.

Could this be another #japica

I’d believe it if they listed a pre-order price, and it was eleventy-billion dollars.
That said, if you go to their Twitter page, it looks like they believe that they’re real.

I don’t want to make it sound like I believe, but colour mixing has been demonstrated by Adrian and colleagues at Bath. http://blog.reprap.org/2012/09/colour-mix-progress.html

It looks to me like bowdens could be used with the mixer which makes this a little more possible.

Finally, would you really need black? I always thought inkjet printers had black because it was cheaper and faster to print than to do colour mixing, not that they needed them.

@Ben_Malouf This reminds me a bit of that old noteslate project. “We have this great idea! We can even make it work, we think. Lets tell everybody and build a bunch of hype before we’ve tried building one!” Vaporware at its best.

From a practical mechanical standpoint, mixing molten plastics is simply not precise enough.

It takes a fair amount of stirring to get a homogenous color when blending together multiple filaments. You could probably do it within a mm or so of extrusion, but that’s imprecise when you consider that a single layer may need to change colors many times over the course of a perimeter if you are trying to achieve true multi-color.

Moreover, you won’t have sudden color changes. All colors will be soft and blended together. It’ll look just awful.

Multi-color is easy enough if you just use one hot end and extruder per color. Mixing colors when the colors are molten plastic just won’t work, though.

any sample images?

You know the rules on the internet: Pics or it didn’t happen.

con artist coming to 3D!

With five colors feeding into one extruder I think they could do color matching, as in making a teapot orange with a yellow handle, if they find a way to mix colors evenly, but I don’t think they could to color imaging because the switching time for changing colors would be much longer than the useful printing time in the given color, so either the result is mush or they waste 95% of the material.

Of course, no prints and no pics of the printer doesn’t inspire confidence.

I’d love it if their printer were real. But I would also like unicorns dancing on rainbows. Perhaps their printer will be able to print them? :slight_smile: