From DIY Perks channel:

From DIY Perks channel: just came across this good video that shows three interesting lamps. Adding FastLED might make the lamps really awesome

Good stuff. Yes, addressable RGB LEDs and FastLED would be a good addition to any of the three. I like the arch light.

Very nice video ! It has quite a few assembly tricks that can be used / reused… Thanks for sharing it !!

I picked up an acetylene torch a while back and have been brazing 12 AWG steel wire into various shapes (currently working on an Octopus). . . . This gives me some more ideas. Thanks!

DIY Perks is a great channel…however, as a patent attorney and YouTuber, I took a bit of offense that this “inventive” project was most likely copied from another YouTuber. DIY perks produced a much better video, but the “inventive” idea originated here:

@Mike_Clifford Why would you take any offense from that DIY Perks video !?

I reviewed both videos and I am convinced there are no patents involved here and the DIY guy never implied he was the original creator of the design. His original take on the weighted bases is imho sufficient to call it his own design anyways…

@JP_Roy It is more as a YouTuber, and actually quite the opposite of what I do as a day job. The most innovative idea here is clearly using the bent aluminum piece as a backer for the LED strip over a work area (concrete posts/blocks have been used to hold down posts for over a century). There is somewhat of an understanding if you do a build that is a clear copy or even heavily derived from someone else’s video (even if you add a twist), you give verbal and/or written credit to that person. Especially if you want to call the idea “inventive.” Again, I don’t know where DIY Perks got the idea… It is possible he came up with the exact same idea independently. However, if he did get the idea from the previous video, it would have been kosher to give the guy a shout out in the video. At any rate, the idea was someone else’s first, so either way, I figured I would give the original innovator a nod.

I do subscribe to DIY Perks, and generally enjoy his builds, many of which are inventive.