From design to completion

From design to completion

@Sandblastcity_Blackp which software have you used for the design?

very impressive design and print. I noticed there are blobs on the corners, I had these on a lot of prints. I found if I increased the jerk speed in the firmware it removed a lot of them. Filleted corners also helped.

Nice design. What printer are you using and how long did it take to finish this item?

Hi Javier, the software is alibre design expert… Great design software, if anything a bit to complex for me, but working my way around it slowly

Hi George, change my filament recently and it doesn’t seem to be printing as cleanly as the old filament, the prints are quite good, strongly believe George if it works don’t mess with it ( took me a few months to get the print quality as good as it is)

Hi arpan, the printer is a reprappro mendel, great printer, current settings, that print took about hour and a half. 92mm by 40mm by 48mm height

@Sandblastcity_Blackp I know how you feel. I had my settings bang on for blue filament, changed to orange had to mess around with slic3r temperature settings to get clean extrusion, changed to green filament, same story.
Anyway its nice to see someone sharing their process of design and print. Much more useful and credible than peeps just putting up a finished, cleaned and sanitised print. Keep up the good work tony.

I’m using Alibre as well (now Geomagic). $199 for personal edition but quite powerful for parametric design. Like you, I haven’t tapped the full power yet.