From CAD Design to reality.


From CAD Design to reality. Bed need to be changed for a smooth and level surface. 3D printed parts for X axis, need to be reinforced. Uses Arduino Uno and protoneer 3.0 board. Screws of Y Axis need more pitch for faster movements. Need Stepper motors with more torque for aluminum milling.

(Patrick Becker) #2

Nice! Pregunta: los rodamientos que corren sobre el aluminio extruido fueron hechos a la medida? O existen comercialmente para correr sobre la hendidura del aluminio?


@Patrick_Becker comprados por aliexpress, de china.

(Mike Thornbury) #4

The easiest way to get a flat bed is to use a wide levelling bit on the router - like this one:

It also allows regular cleaning of your sacrificial bed back to a level plane.

(Joel Miguel Morando Hernandez) #5

Buen trabajo @Patrick_Becker ! Oye podrias pasarnos el link o como encontrar los recubrimientos para el rodamiento que utilizas?