Free & Opensource 3MF Viewer and Packager to distribute single file Print Projects


I am into the 3D printing hobby ~two years now and have even designed my own printer, but was never really active in any community besides reddit. Finally, a few days ago, I decided to search for a community and found you! So, “Hello everybody!”.

Besides myself I want to introduce my current project :slight_smile: (I hope the category is ok).

I always wanted to distribute my 3D print projects in a single file. Including STLs, Readme and maybe notes. 3MF is great to ship multiple STLs in one file, but I don’t know any viewer which is able to show additional information like a extended readme file. Thats why I created one…

3D2P is a desktop application for windows only at the moment (linux on its way). It ships a 3MF viewer (NO electron, if someone is curious about it) which is able to read additional information like STL annotations and a readme out of a 3MF file. Besides the viewer part, the application is also a CLI which ships commands to create a 3MF file. All files created by the CLI are compliant to the 3MF spec (it even uses the offical lib3mf).

Because it can be cumbersome to create a 3MF just with the CLI, I created a Visual Studio Code extension, too. Everything is available at:


The website features an online version of the viewer, too. So try it without any download, if you want to :slight_smile: (there is an example 3MF file - created by 3D2P - in the footer, ready to download and test)

Hope you like it!


After Google+ went away, I also tried following r/3dprinting on reddit. The Google+ community had lots of technical content, and I thought that if the members of the Google+ 3D printing communities didn’t follow their content here, they might migrate to r/3dprinting, but I didn’t see either really happen in large numbers.

We really lost a community of experts when Google killed Google+. There are still some experts here (especially from the #herculien community) but it’s a smaller community than the old Google+ 3D Printing was. And the only way we’ll build a community like that again is to keep welcoming new technical content that interests people. I know that a lot of people end up reading the old technical content we brought here from Google+ by finding it on a web search. Over time, as people like you bring new ideas here it will be a growing place to build a new community.

So welcome to MakerForums, and thanks for bringing a new interesting idea! And also, thanks for building it as open source! :smiling_face: