Free online SVG and DXF databases similar to Thingiverse?


I realize that Thingiverse has some laser cut projects but is primarily a 3d printing site. I think it’s great there is a repository for thousands of people to share files and collaborate. I’ve used it heavily since getting my 3d printer 2.5 years ago.

Now after getting the K40 I find myself really wanting a similar site for laser cut projects. I’m learning inkscape and have AutoCAD but there are times where I’d like to have some inspiration. Are there any good sites for downloading SVG and/or DXF files or projects? From searching Google it doesn’t appear that the laser cutting community is as generous as that 3d printing community. Very little free collaborative stuff from what I see. Mostly pricy Etsy and Pinterest designs.

Any good sites I may not be aware of?

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(Ned Hill) #2

Check out the “Repository & Designs” Category. There are a few linked sites. Also Thingiverse does have some laser cut designs.

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