Frankenbot is printing quite nicely. Except the Y axis is mirrored.

Frankenbot is printing quite nicely. Except the Y axis is mirrored. What’s the setting in the Printrbot firmware to invert the Y axis? (I think that’s the right question…)

Comparing the movement of the bed & head to my Printrbot Simple, they appear identical.

The bed responds to manual left/right movement and Home sends the bed all the way to the right, such that the head is positioned on the far left side. I presume this is the X axis.

The head responds to the up/down movement of the manual X/Y jog controls and Home sends the head all the way ‘down’.

This behaviour is the same on both the Frankenbot and Simple.

With the X/Y homed into a corner, both the Simple and Frankenbot would appear to be homed into the Lower Left Corner. Which is how I’ve setup my OctoPrint.

Printing something with lettering - using the very same gcode file, the Simple prints the lettering correctly, but the Frankenbot prints a mirror image - mirrored along the Up/Down (Y?) axis.

I’m wondering if the default @Printrbot setting in the Rev F board is for a different configuration - but I’m not clearly understanding what I’ve missed.

You have the x and y backwards it sounds. Printrbot have the bed as the y and head as the x which should fix your mirror. Also just a heads up they home y to max so it should move the bed all the way to the back from looking at the front and the head all the way to the left.

Motor direction can be reversed by just flipping the plug in 180 degrees on that axis. It’s possible in software, but if you are using a stock firmware that you don’t want to fiddle with, it’s easy to either flip the plug or just re-pin the wires in the housing.

Flipping the cable was the last thing I tried before packing in for the evening - it sent the head to the opposite side. (Kind of expected) But that’s not where the home switch is, so I’ll need to move the switch as well.

Before I flipped the cable, I ‘Inverted’ the axis in OctoPrint. Homing still behaved the same - it drove towards the switch, but the up/down (Y - not Z) manual jog buttons now corresponded more intuitively to how the head was moving.

If you want to reflash, there’s a setting in Marlin that inverts axis direction (INVERT_Y_DIR or something like that) and something that sets your home direction (Y_HOME_DIR or something like that) that you can set to 1 is you wanna home to max.
Do not that on the 2014 simple at least, the print bed is X-axis and homes to MIN and the crane-arm thing is your Y and homes to MAX

@Griffin_Paquette Swapping the X & Y axis solved the problem.