Frank Herrmann ​ just showed us a really inexpensive ATC.

@Frank_Herrmann ​ just showed us a really inexpensive ATC. @Barton_Dring ​ has a more expensive one. I would love to get an ATC going with ChiliPeppr.

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Difference being that custom collet on each bit. That’s definitely going to add cost… Maybe a compromise would be a collet for the 2 end mills needed: isolation and outline, but a simple tool change like Frank’s for drill bits, since we’ll need a full set to do PCBs. Looking forward to getting more info on this if @Barton_Dring is inclined to provide it. And that’s a super clean cut.

It looks like bart’s spindle head is $500 so I’ll take Frank’s solution.

Oh, didn’t realize there was a forum post in the description. Air pressure requirement is kind of a deal breaker. Just thinking about how to get Frank’s solution to work with higher torque requirements for more serious milling than PCBs…

The ATC is about $900 (USD) the Spindle is $250 (USD). @Barton_Dring works for Inventables.

Yes thats a nice but expensive solution. I use a simple macro that watch to the command line “M6 T1”, move to the first holder (T1) and get the tool. More infos in my video session tomorrow :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it @Frank_Herrmann

Barton’s sollution is more expensive than my CNC mill (Shapeoko2 from Inventables).

ATC is big for us but the solutions all seem to be expensive adding a lot to the price of a machine as Nathaniel points out. Frank’s work is amazing and I can help find some funding for him if we can get this stuff really going in industry and not just hobby stuff. ATC is one of the linchpins we need.

Sorry guy’s! I have to entertain my family :slight_smile: well, the vid will come in the next day’s.