Fraction of an inch calculator from Pretty cool to have around even though

Fraction of an inch calculator from

Pretty cool to have around even though I use mostly metric these days. 3mm Baltic birch makes it much better than the paper and cardboard version that I used before.

laserweb4 json save file to make your own…

Thanks for sharing.

Or you could, you know, follow everyone else in the world and use millimeters. :grin:

@Richard_Vowles I’d not be surprised if they did invent something completely new these days.

@Jim_Fong Looks like a handy device to have around. Saves whipping out a calculator all the time.

@Richard_Vowles That’s amusing & would make the world simpler. I live (& grew up) in a metric based country yet for some reason I still use inches & feet for certain things whilst others I use anything from mm to cm to m. I guess it depends who I am talking to at the time or what task I am doing.

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y I get the impression that’s a pretty common thing. I vaguely remember when Canada switched from miles to kilometres… I must have been about 5. Anyhow, I tend to weigh people in pounds but food in kg. The US’s non-metrification kinda drags Canada down, and its expecially evident in building supplies. So I tend to use millimetres for small things, but imperial for drill-bits and woodworking. Even there, I go back and forth between thou and mm. I order pints of beer at the bar, but buy milk and pop by the litre. Butter is not sold by the pound, but the amount you buy happens to be a pound. cups, ounces, tablespoons and teaspoons rule in the kitchen, unless I’m going by weight, in which case its grams.

Reminds on the good old codewheels for computergames back in the days…