Four ways to laser glass

MancraftingTM on Youtube just put out a video on laser glass using 4 different methods (wet paper towel/wet newspaper, masking tape, dish detergent, and glass laser tape. )
It’s hard to compare since he did different styles of glass for each technique, but it was interesting to see some comparison. Seemed to be more of a sponsored video for the rotary tool he was using, which looked pretty nice as well.


I put a chunk of glass in my glowforge with no prep whatsoever, just bare dry glass, and it etched absolutely beautifully. I’m kinda wondering if it would be even better with water, but that’s almost hard to believe.

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To be honest I haven’t tried to etch glass yet so I’m not real clear on what these prep techniques are trying to avoid. I think I remember something about wet paper being used for keeping thin glass from cracking due to potential thermal stress?

Other sources say that direct etching leaves a rough surface, and wet etching reduces roughness.

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