Found what looks like an inexpensive but decent spindle with an ER16 collet.

Found what looks like an inexpensive but decent spindle with an ER16 collet.

With the coupon for new arrival items, my price was $227.00 CAD I think I will buy it and give it a try.

I know I’m not too thrilled with my air cooled 500W ER11 spindle. It’s OK I guess, RPMs don’t go up nearly high enough with it though.

I’m trying to buy my spindle now as well. Thinking hard about spending about $100 more and buying this one on eBay… Not sure how much value to place on these differences: 1500W, 4 bearings, water cooled. Both use an ER16, which I think I want simply because I do not know better. Let us know what you decide!!!

BTW, can anyone explain how these spindle mounts are actually installed on the Z-axis? None of them seem to have mounting holes.

@Jay_Polo Don’t worry about the spindle clamp, the ad you linked to doesn’t come with one. But this ad has one and it looks to me like you have to drill your own holes. Unless you use some kind of a clamping arrangement?

@Paul_Frederick Thanks. Agree, it seemed that drilling holes is the only approach, but seeing the kit that @funinthefalls posted, it dawned on me that some of these mounts do not even have flanges for the holes and that maybe I am missing something!

The kit you shared is close to want I want, but is air cooled. That same seller has the full setup but with an ER11 collet. Hence the kit I shared and presumption I will buy the bracket separately - only about $23.

The one interesting thing about that seller is they seem to be the only one who sells that VFD with the external speed potentiometer as well as RS-485 MODBUS connection. I’d like them, but not if I can’t have the ER16.

Funny how choosing among these options can result in mental paralysis… :slight_smile:

I have a 1.5kw spindle and VFD that I am using currently. It is water cooled. I 3D printed the mounts for it. The spindle I posted is going to go on a smaller lighter duty engraving machine, no metals, just wood and plastic for it.

@funinthefalls So would you recommend your current 1.5kw setup? Would love to know what you think of it, would do differently, etc. Also curious if you controlling the speed via your CNC controller board and via what type of connection? Thanks for any insights!

The only thing I would do differently would be to get a 110V VFD instead of a 220V, it required me to run a 220V line to the machine. I would also change the lead screw pitch on the Z axis, the one on the OX will not support the spindle without power to the Z stepper motor, it slides down from the weight. I am currently using the VFD panel to set the speed, will be changing over to a PWM signal soon, will make it more versatile. But overall, I like the 1.5kw watercooled setup. I built a radiator cooler for it, you can see the project at

@funinthefalls interesting regarding the lead pitch. What did you use? I built using 1605 all around. I may end up replacing the Z-axis ballscrew though as my current design has a very short travel.

BTW, love the custom water cooler!

I am using a 8*8 2 start lead screw Thanks for the compliment on the cooler, I thought it turned out kinda nice, adds some bling to the build