Found this tube from China

Found this tube from China

I’ve prefer eBay due to PayPal protection.

Well, at banggood you can also pay with payPal. I have not tried this tube, just found and shared it.

Bangood usually has very low shipping charges

@greg_greene says free!

And the Air Parcel Register shipping method even has a ensurance that taxes will be refunded

For europe, I’m not shure about other continents

I usually buy both Banggood and Gearbest and are two stores that are 100% serious and reliable. Sometimes, it is true that they sell imitations of products of recognized brands, but it is also true that they put it on the product page (in very, very small letters, sometimes). According to the products, they are in different warehouses located in different countries and this lowers the costs, the times of shipment and the costs of customs. At least for Spain, it is a good choice of store to buy.

The doubt is in the quality of that tube in concrete. The price is very good and the look is also good, but it would be nice to know if someone has tried and what opinion.