Found this over at the FreeCad community. Nice lookin' printer.

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Found this over at the FreeCad community. Nice lookin’ printer.

Originally shared by Michael Scholtz

All of this was done with freecad, and a screwdriver :wink: once I’m happy its done I’ll post the designs

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Interesting seeing the vertical x axis in this configuration, don’t think I’ve seen that yet.
Has anyone else seen that before?

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Hi it’s my printer. I designed it in freecad and built in about a week. Print volume is 20x20 hight is 130 it. It uses connect it for the aluminum frame and the rest is all printed on my big printer.

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I originally built a couple of smartrap’s the one is a nice little printer but I decided to rebuild the other one into this. Its much more robust printer and uses the standard lengths and bearing off the smartrap some more about it on this fb page.

My intention is to release the design once im happy all its right. I’ll post a link on the fb page once it ready.

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Cool, any reason you went with the vertical x instead of the more common horizontal solution (as in e.g. solidoodle)?

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@Michael_Scholtz I’m totally building your design! please keep us posted when you’re done and please include the bill of materials if possible thanks

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Where is FreeCad? I probably sound dumb, but can you let me know?

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Thank you Michael!

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I can stop procrastinating, I’ve been mentally designing a similar connect-it design for about a year, now I don’t have to… Thanks for sharing.