Found these guys on Reddit.

(Shachar Weis) #1

Found these guys on Reddit. Printer looks great, and the prints are stunning.

(Bradford Short) #2

Now that is a big printer, I can’t imagine what the print times must be.

(Shachar Weis) #3

They claim to have printed this in 52 hours. If true, I think it’s very fast.

(Step Cia) #4

Oh look at that… I’d love to hang out there

(Dale Dunn) #5

That looks like a significant fraction of a ton moving in the Y axis.

(Joe Spanier) #6

That shop. That shop makes me happy

(Mike Miller) #7

Natch, I can’t find it, but they had close ups of print quality and it seemed like the difference between straight lines and NURBS. Their control mechanism is quite the improvement.

(William Eades) #8


(Joe Spanier) #9

Are you saying the picture above is 3dpunlimited? If so they are not. 3dp’s machine isnt near as stout and awesome as this.

Theirs is a giant reprap they are charging 20k for and not releasing plans for.

(William Eades) #10

@Joe_Spanier Sorry, wrong link…Here is the right one: The pic on reddit was taken during the build-up of their machine.

Here is another one you might check out. The kit is $6000

(Vaughan Lundin) #11

Wow are you serious. Looks like he has the ability to prints some great pieces